Balancing Nerd Things and Hookups: The Life

"Act like a nerd to get her"

“Act like a nerd to get her”

If you’re a nerd, you’ve got interests. These interests might end up tying you to a computer for a long time, and we get that. Just because that’s the case doesn’t mean you don’t deserve some fun hookups, but you do have to learn how to make time for you hookups and really get out there and enjoy them. If you don’t do that, they’re going to drift away from you, and you’re not going to be having the same amount of sex that you really could be having. This is why you’ve got to learn to balance it and make it work out in your favor.

Game With Her

Inviting her to join in with your online games or tabletop games can be a great way to drag your hookup into the fun of your life. Obviously, the two of you must share some similar interests, because otherwise, why would you be meeting up with her frequently? She might be into the same games as you, and that means that you’re leaving yourself open to a lot of opportunities.

Invite her to play. Even if it’s just a one-on-one session…well, let’s be honest, that’s even better. That’s more time alone with her, and more time to game, and then play with her instead.

Go to Cons With Her

It doesn’t matter if you’re into anime cons, gaming cons, or any other kind of convention out there. If you want to go out with her and have a fun time with your hookup in these kinds of situations, do it. It might be a great outing that ends up being some really hot, kinky sex in the later afternoon after the two of you bought some weird plushies and ended up using them as sex toys. We won’t ask, nor will we tell.

Couples Cosplay

You can bring some kinky stuff into your hookups if you’re into cosplay. If you’re going to a convention, that’s even better. Spend the day teasing one another as your favorite couple in your favorite anime or television show. Then, once you get behind closed doors, act it out and really make it one of the kinkiest things you’ve done in awhile. Trust us, it really does work to get the blood pumping, and you’ll end up way more connected than you were before.

Nerdy Kinks and More

"Indulge in super man and super woman cosplay"

“Indulge in super man and super woman cosplay”

Seriously, if you aren’t bringing your nerd life into the bedroom, you’re missing out. Cosplay and conventions is just the beginning of it all. It’s all really a matter of what you want to make out of it, and if you have similar interests with your hookup, then it’s going to be a breeze to find things that you two can really connect with and bring into the sack.

There are a lot of ‘nerd’ things that can be brought into the bedroom. Check out nerdy sex toys online and see what shows up. You’ll be surprised at your options, and at all the fun you could be having.

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