Don’t Forget the Foreplay

"Foreplay is the key to great sex"

“Foreplay is the key to great sex”

In our modern and fast paced world, we sometimes forget to slow down during those important moments of life. Getting your date in the mood for an orgasm is one of those moments. A little bit of extra work at the beginning goes a long way between the sheets, and can mean the difference in getting there at all! Besides, you’ve worked long and hard to get here. Appreciate the view!

The Beginning

Foreplay starts before the bedroom and can actually be attributed to any activity that is directly before your next sexual encounter. That’s why we have to take women out on a date to begin with. It’s your time to set the tone of the evening and woo her. Be sure to compliment her appearance. Make something up if you have to. “Your (insert any item of clothing here) looks amazing on you!” Act sincere and be sure to do gentlemanly things like hold the door or help her with her chair. Listen when she’s talking to you, and respond with interest. You’re already setting the mood that you’re fixated on her and here for her.

Undressing Her

"Undress her slowly"

“Undress her slowly”

It starts with your eyes, perhaps over your after dinner espresso. Look at her for that extra second too long as you’re holding the car door open for her or just holding hands while you stroll down the city streets. When you do get to a private place, start with a slow intense make out session while you get to know each other better on a physical level. Be delicate with her clothing as you remove it, and try to be suave. Women’s clothing can be tricky so pay careful attention during the process of removal. Sometimes you don’t even need to entirely remove all clothing; it’s best to assess that for yourself.

Peaks of Pleasure

Once you have removed enough clothing that you and your date are satisfied, work your way down her neck and take some time out to focus on her breasts. Try a lot of different ways of massaging them, especially the nipples. Start with your fingers lightly and increase pressure according to her reactions. When you think she can’t peak any further, that’s a good indication to switch and try something new. Casual tongue licks can escalate into sucking on the nipples. Be sure to work on both simultaneously for best affect, and if you think you can do 3 things at once it’s time to slide your fingers further south.

Are You Slick Enough Yet?

As you slide your fingers between her legs, it’s time to see if you’ve had the desired effect. Your lady can’t fake if she’s really interested, you’ll be able to tell how much she wants you by how wet she is. If you’ve done well she will be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prolong this even more. Take your time to finger her for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter if she has an orgasm at this stage, she’ll have plenty more before the night is through if you take your time to work her up.

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