Experimentation – How To Suggest and Implement

"Suggest new sex positions to keep your sexual life interesting"

“Suggest new sex positions to keep your sexual life interesting”

You’re getting bored in your sex life, but you can’t exactly come out and say that to your girlfriend without hurting her feelings, which will result in a lot less sex. It’s time to spice things up a bit without making anyone feel at fault, but how do you approach the topic of trying new things? You don’t want to make her think you’re creepy or desperate. It’s just that you’ve hit a rut in your relationship and it’s time to inspire some passion again! It’s time to get creative and see how you can create sparks with your sexy lady again tonight!


It’s best to get a bunch of ideas before you approach the conversation with your partner. Would a simple change of position be all it takes? Do you want more foreplay? More pillow talk? Is it time to try toys or buy new toys? Do you want to try having sex in more interesting locations? Private places or public ones? Do you want to watch porn while you have sex? Do you want to try watching each other masturbate or perform a 69 position? Do you want to include more people in your sex life? It’s best to have a few options you can work between depending on the level of enthusiasm of the response from your girlfriend.

Approaching Your Lady

"Think about new ideas together"

“Think about new ideas together”

It’s best not to address that you’ve felt dull about your romantic encounters recently. It’s better to get her in a good mood before you start suggesting your ideas. Make her feel like you’ve appreciated her recently and find her incredibly sexy. Then start getting suggestive. Act like you’re teasing her, and then subtly ask something like “Wouldn’t it be hot if we had sex on the couch today?” You don’t have to tell her you plan on doing it in a new position; you can just suggest that once you’re in a new location. You’ve already changed the rules of the encounter; it’s exciting to your lady if you keep doing that. Catch her off guard and in the heat of the moment for the best chance of success for your plans.

Keeping the Passion Alive

Once you have successfully tried something new, open the playing field with your girlfriend. Ask her if she enjoyed the changes. Would you guys be interested in doing that again? Is there anything she’s thought about trying lately? Focus on the enjoyment of your time together and staying positive about your options instead of accusing her of being dull in the past. It’s good to take time to listen to each other’s sexual needs, but also to create surprise passionate encounters like you’ve just done. Work together to build a list of suggestions and possibilities about exciting new ways to get intimate in the future. Your new sexual bucket list will help ensure you never lose the passion in your sex life again! Make a date to check one item a week off the list.

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