Good and Bad Bath and Body Gift Ideas

"It is important to give her the right gift"

“It is important to give her the right gift”

Soap is out. Okay, but seriously, there are a lot of presents you can get a lady to spoil her body, and she’s going to love them. That being said, there are just as many that are really going to make her roll her eyes and think that you’re the most unoriginal idiot in the universe. This is why it’s good to know what women want, and what they really can do without when it comes to bath and body things. You can always turn to these sorts of things for presents…except when you can’t, so observe.


This is one gift that’s a little iffy with a lot of people. Sometimes, people think that perfume is a great idea to gift your hookup, but others really think it’s an awful one. It honestly all depends on how much you know about her preferences, because if you get her a perfume that’s awful, she’s going to end up pretty aggravated with you. If you end up getting her something good, she’ll end up wanting to climb you like a tree and ravish you until you’re crying.

Body Oils

Body oils, especially for the use of massages, can be a really great idea. It’s important that you get the good stuff. Focus less on scents, more on what it’s made up of. You want something that’s actually high-quality and moisturizing without being greasy, or she’s going to end up being an oil slick when you give her a massage. Scents are important, too, of course, but it’s really up to you to ask her what she likes, and what she’d like to have smeared all over her body in large amounts by the end of the evening.

Body Butters

"Most women already use body butters"

“Most women already use body butters”

Body butter is what ladies buy themselves to pamper themselves. This is why they’re very important on the ‘must-buy’ list of bath and body supplies, and why you should always make an effort to have some of these lying around as gifts. We highly recommend going indie for this, because they have an artisan flair to them and definitely aren’t as over-priced as the crap you’re going to see in stores. Go that route, and she’ll always think that you’re getting her something that’s spoiling her without all the effort and money put into it.


Soap is the worst gift you can give a woman. Seriously, she buys soap all the time. We really don’t care if it’s some hand-cut bar from the organic foods mart–she’s going to already have a million of those, and she really doesn’t care. There’s also the insult of implying that she really doesn’t wash herself, and yeah, that’s a thing that happens. Don’t buy her soap. She does it all the time, and that’s just something that you’re going to have to get over.

There are a lot of other gifts out there that suck, but these are the worst of the worst. and also, the best of the best. Keep them in mind and don’t screw up.

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