Grooming Tips You Might Have Been Neglecting

"Women like properly groomed men"

“Women like properly groomed men”

When you start meeting women and try to hook up regularly, appearance is a vastly important aspect of the game. Making sure that you look your absolute best is key, especially if you’re going to be making first impressions with women you meet at a bar or your first date with a woman you met online. Even if you wear your best outfit and put on your favorite cologne, it might not be enough. There are certain things women look for when they’re out to meet men or if they’re meeting their date for the first time, and these are things you might have been neglecting. Knowing what you need to keep an eye out for will help you make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

The Basics

The basics are basic for a reason – they should never be neglected or ignored. These will hopefully be more or less common sense for you, but in the case that you need to be reminded, there are quite a few things you need to always do in order to attract women. Make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed, or at least not wrinkled. If it looks even slightly wrinkled to you, you probably need to go get it dry cleaned or put it through the washer again. Don’t wear day old clothes out on a date or to bars. Make sure to brush your teeth and rinse with a clean smelling mouthwash just in case – you won’t get any kisses if you have bad breath. Carrying mints or breath spray with you is always a good idea too. Wear deodorant, but don’t bathe yourself in aftershave or body sprays. Women don’t want to be near a guy they can smell from a block away, so go easy on the scents.

Manscaping is a Must

If there’s even a slight possibility of you getting to hook up with a woman, take care of your usual shaving routine. Make sure your face is clean shaven, and make sure to get your neck too. If you don’t make a habit of shaving or waxing your chest, legs, or armpits, you don’t necessarily need to start. However, you should know that most women are generally more attracted to clean shaven guys over really hairy guys. If you have hair in any strange places, like your shoulders or back, waxing is definitely something you should look into in order to attract more women.

Getting Haircuts on the Regular

"Go for a haircut at regular intervals"

“Go for a haircut at regular intervals”

Whatever hairstyle you have, you should make sure to get it trimmed and cleaned up regularly. Some women dig the shaggy look, but sometimes you need to make sure you look fresh and sharp. Having a freshly redone haircut can often be the tipping point that gets you a second date or a hookup. It makes you look more well put together, since it doesn’t look like your hair is in the process of growing out of your last haircut. If you can’t go get a haircut, just do your best with styling it on your own.

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