Is She Flirting or Just Leading You On?

"Guess what she wants"

“Guess what she wants”

Women are jerks. You know it, and they know it. The worst part is that they’ll use it against you to get what they want. If you’re a nice guy, you probably get walked all over. It can be hard to tell if she’s just messing with you or if she actually wants you. The key is to figure out when she isn’t serious about it. There’s no point in wasting your night with a woman who doesn’t want to go home with you. Spare yourself the embarrassment and time by figuring out if she’s leading you on.

Why, Just Why

Women do this so they can have power over men. There’s no other explanation for it. They know that they can lure you in with some choice cleavage and a big smile. Don’t think for a moment that they aren’t aware. In their minds, it’s your own fault for being attracted. They’ll get what they can out of you, and then they’ll leave. It’s not anything you did. Some women just get off on tricking guys. I mean, it is a good way to get free drinks.

Being Playful

A lot of women will play with you to get your guard down. This kind of cute flirting makes you go all starry-eyed, and she knows it. If she starts touching you right off the bat, it’s a bad sign. Couple that with giggling and you have a real issue on your hands. A woman who actually wants to go home with you won’t act like that at first. She has to warm up to you. Nobody decides they want to go home with someone the second they see them. It takes a bit to figure out if they’re compatible. Don’t trust a woman who acts into you from the get-go.


The biggest tip-off for her messing with you is the mooching. Having her beg you to buy her a drink with her cutest pout on is not a good sign. Chances are you’re going to do it. Be strong. A woman who’s worth going home with won’t beg you for anything. She’ll wait for you to buy her a drink. If she begs then she just wants a quick way to get drunk for free. Don’t be the guy who gives her that and watches her go back to dancing with her friends.

Running Back to Her Friends

"Don't get serious. She is just playing around"

“Don’t get serious. She is just playing around”

Speaking of which, having her run back to her friends is no good. They’re probably conspiring with each other. This is their huddle where they talk about you. Most likely they’re laughing at how gullible you are. Don’t become the butt of their joke. If you notice her running off a lot, it’s time to move on. She doesn’t want you, and you can do better than her. There will always be women at the bar looking for men to take them home. She isn’t your only option, so you don’t have to settle. Being selective will save you money, time, and effort.

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