Using Photos and Video to Increase Intimacy

"Ask her to remove her bra while you see it live on video chat"

“Ask her to remove her bra while you see it live on video chat”

In our technological age it is not uncommon to have relationships via the Internet and other electronic means. Whether you’re relationship is conducted entirely online or only partially, photos and video are a great way to stay in touch and keep your romance hot no matter where you are on the globe.

Sexy Selfies

It’s key to know how to take a hot photo of yourself, the kind you’re only going to send to your lady. You can practice in the mirror and with the angle of your camera as you familiarize yourself with your best angles. Most phones already have a camera built in so it’s easy to preview your pic onscreen as you’re taking it. Surprise her with a shirtless pic over her lunch hour or go for the full reveal that cuts off just so at the waistline as a teaser for your upcoming Skype chat. It’s not bad if you’re taking the pic in your bed with some rumpled sheets, but make sure to put away the smelly gym socks before you try to get sexy.

Giving More to Get More

Even if you’re ready to just whip it all out and send her a pic, take it slow and tease her especially if you want some sexy pictures of her in return. Don’t be afraid to ask her for her pictures, especially if you’re taking the first initiative. It’s good to let your woman know that you desire to see her in compromising photos, and can help increase the intimacy between you. Keep asking her until she gives in, and be sure to tell her how sexy she is if you want to keep them coming.

Your Personal Live Cam

"Send her some nice surprising selfies"

“Send her some nice surprising selfies”

Sure there are plenty for free on the Internet, but getting your own personal live cam performance from your sexy lady is much hotter. Imagine her moaning your name as she touches herself or reaches for that new toy you mailed her! That’s sure to increase your own arousal. Getting together on a live network like Skype is the next best thing to actually being together. You can see and hear each other for maximum intimacy while you’re traveling or even living in different cities. Be sure to be aware of where the camera placement is and give her the best view of yourself so she can fully appreciate you.

Producing Your First Film

Or you could find yourself wanting to record your sexual encounters whether they are casual or long term ladies. As long as all parties involved give consent, it can increase sexual desire and mood to know that you are essentially being watched in everything you do. Many couples like to then play these tapes while having sex in the future, or taking the tapes them to watch while a partner is away. Whatever the intended use, be sure to set up your camera at a good height and angle for capturing your sexual activities. Remember you’re putting on a show so try to make sure to let the camera see how you are touching your lady and vice versa for the best future enjoyment!

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