Why the Women You Want Are Ignoring You

"Understand it bro, she is ignoring you"

“Understand it bro, she is ignoring you”

Women constantly test men. It’s totally unfair and we shouldn’t stand for it, but we do because they’re the fairer sex. For some guys it can be worse for others. They might be interested in a woman who’s totally giving go signs and once they leave she never ends up answering your texts. She might even ignore you while you’re still around. Whatever the reason is it’s annoying and needs to be fixed. But first you’ve got to figure out why the women you want are ignoring you.

You’re Not Confident

While women tend to have a faster method of telling what they want, it can still be off sometimes. At first you walk up to her and lay down your finest flirtations. She’s definitely interested. But as time goes on she starts to realize that you’re all bark and no bite. Your confidence in yourself fades to the back burner as she becomes more comfortable with you. Sure, you were pumped in the beginning but maybe you screwed up a line or didn’t think you’d get this far. She can smell fear. Keep up your confidence when you’re talking to her and her attention won’t be able to roam anywhere else.

If you pulled it off while you were with her and then didn’t end up getting a text later she may have just forgotten about you. It feels even worse than getting rejected on the spot, but if you’re not confident enough you aren’t going to stick out in her mind.

You’re Forgetful

"Do something different to get her interest"

“Do something different to get her interest”

To keep on with that last thought, you might just be forgetful. Nice guys especially have a harder time initially getting in with the ladies. Sure, she will remember that you were nice, but so are a lot of the guys that hit on her. Buying her drinks and listening will only get you so far. You’ve got to think of an edge; something that makes you memorable. It might be a really spot on fashion sense, a tattoo, or even something as simple as a really captivating story to tell her.

You’re Too Into Her

It sounds so counterintuitive but if you’re showing too much interest in a woman she’s going to be more likely to ignore you. Attractive women are used to guys throwing themselves into their path. Making yourself different by being completely yourself gives you a better chance of catching her attention. Some guys get really caught up in all of the mind games that women play and lose their footing. By being unapologetic about not putting up with their crap you are standing up to the drama. That makes you seem sexier because she’s not used to that. Even if it makes her mad it could end up to a more passionate relationship (if that’s the route you’re going for).

You Aren’t Putting Yourself Out There

Some guys get so pissed about women not noticing them even though they’re an awesome catch. Most of the time these guys haven’t even done much toward that woman that they’re checking out. Yeah, you passed her the menu in line at the restaurant and said something about her hair looking nice, but did you go beyond that? A compliment can be nice, but if you don’t follow it up by conversation she’s just going to ignore you.

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