Why You Should Let Her Stay the Night

"Make her feel good by letting her stay for the night"

“Make her feel good by letting her stay for the night”

When casual hookups are your thing there’s a stigma attached to letting a woman stay the night. Sometimes it feels like there’s an unspoken set of commandments about these things, like you’re supposed to lie to your friends about who she is if they happen to come over and she’s still there. That’s an outdated idea, and there’s no reason you can’t let her stay the night. No woman is going to think favorably on a man who tells her to get out as soon as they’re done having sex. It makes you look insensitive and above all else, selfish. If you only care about it once you’ve gotten off, then women are probably going to start viewing you as someone who isn’t worth hooking up with. Go ahead, break tradition. Even if you’re only in it for the casual sex, letting her stay the night and sleep in your bed doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a relationship. Let her stay the night and you’ll be pretty pleased with the results.

A Nice Addition to Your Morning Routine

"You'll feel happy to see her in the morning"

“You’ll feel happy to see her in the morning”

What could be better than waking up next to a beautiful woman? Okay, skip the romantics that you see in movies where you wake up and the sunlight is streaming through the window. Men don’t care about that. But to have a woman sprawled out in your bed wrapped up in only the sheet from your bed, well…that’s going to be a nice sight to wake up to. If you let her stay the night, she’s going to wake up next to you and remember what a good time you showed her last night and she’s going to feel pretty charitable. Think “waking up with a hand around your dick” charitable, or tugging you into the shower for round two. If she wakes up early, you never know – you might just find her in your kitchen cooking breakfast with no clothes on.

Repetitive Hookups

No woman is going to want to come back to a man who just kicks her out the minute things are done. It’s rude, outdated, and makes her feel like she didn’t please you. Women have fragile self esteem, so if she thinks she didn’t please you she’s going to be too shy or too embarrassed to come back to you. If you wanted to hook up with her again, letting her stay the night is just going to cement you in her head as a fun guy who isn’t an asshole. Repetitive hookups aren’t a bad thing and if she was hot and the sexual compatibility between the two of you is sizzling, why not take your chances on scoring with her again? Let her stay the night instead of sending her out of your place with her legs shaking and she’s going to come back to you as many times as you want. What harm can having a steady casual hookup going do to you? The answer to that question is none, so the next time you have a lady at your place, invite her to stay the night.

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