Why Your Location is Making It Difficult for You to Date

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what you do when you’re trying to get a date. You can be charming, funny, and smart but you still can’t get a bite in the dating world. You wonder what’s wrong with you, start drinking, and end up in a sad basement. Stand up, brush off your jacket, and throw the bottle away. The truth is that it might not be your fault. We don’t know you personally, but if you aren’t a complete asshole and still can’t seem to get a lady you may be suffering from location. Location happens to all of us. We end up in a place full of eligible women but can’t seem to land any of them. The answer as to why might surprise you. Your Town is Too Small When you live in one of the smaller towns of the country it’s likely that you feel like you know everyone. It doesn’t matter how many people you actually see often, they tend to know someone who knows someone and then the dating pool gets all tangled. Small towns are like inbred gene pools. Everyone seems to be on rotation and we all end up dating the same people. If you’ve already gone through that line-up then you’re…

Why You Shouldn’t Beat Around the Bush in Bed

Women are so complicated and so picky that it’s hard to know exactly what they like. With all the unspoken clues women are so fond of giving, it’s hard to tell what she likes sometimes. Many men never sit back and stop to consider that maybe the exact same way you’re feeling about women is how they feel about you, too. Lots of men are so worried about pushing women away or scaring them off that even if they like something or want to try something new, they won’t mention it. If you have a steady casual fling going, letting her know what you do and don’t like is the only way you’re going to keep the fun in your relationship. Better Communication = Better Sex It’s no secret that the better you communicate with your lady the better your sex is going to be. If you know what she likes, that’s great but what’s really going to make or break the relationship is whether or not she knows what you like, too. Most men will say they just like sex and that they’re not into anything in particular, but we know that every man has at least one thing that he really likes, or one thing he really wants…

Why You Should Let Her Stay the Night

When casual hookups are your thing there’s a stigma attached to letting a woman stay the night. Sometimes it feels like there’s an unspoken set of commandments about these things, like you’re supposed to lie to your friends about who she is if they happen to come over and she’s still there. That’s an outdated idea, and there’s no reason you can’t let her stay the night. No woman is going to think favorably on a man who tells her to get out as soon as they’re done having sex. It makes you look insensitive and above all else, selfish. If you only care about it once you’ve gotten off, then women are probably going to start viewing you as someone who isn’t worth hooking up with. Go ahead, break tradition. Even if you’re only in it for the casual sex, letting her stay the night and sleep in your bed doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a relationship. Let her stay the night and you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. A Nice Addition to Your Morning Routine What could be better than waking up next to a beautiful woman? Okay, skip the romantics that you see in movies where you wake up and the sunlight is streaming through the…

Why You Should Convince Her to Cam with You

Whether you are meeting women online through online dating sites or if you’re in a long distance relationship, convincing a woman to get on webcam with you can be difficult, but it is incredibly worth it. Gone are the days of simple phone sex. Thanks to modern technology, phone sex now pales in comparison to the act of getting on webcam together. Webcam sex isn’t as good as the real thing, but it’s pretty close. If you can convince your girlfriend or hookup to webcam with you, you should definitely give it a try and see how good it can be. It Can Be Kinky and Exciting Having sex over webcam, while it is not really having sex, can be incredibly exciting. While it may be frustrating for some to not be able to touch their partner, there’s something exciting about seeing a woman undress for you on camera. If you have ever been on a cam site, you surely know how good it can be. Having a woman you know or are already dating undress for you can sometimes be even better than watching a stranger do it. Plus, you don’t have to pay her in order to get her to do more. Besides the benefits for you, your…

Why the Women You Want Are Ignoring You

Women constantly test men. It’s totally unfair and we shouldn’t stand for it, but we do because they’re the fairer sex. For some guys it can be worse for others. They might be interested in a woman who’s totally giving go signs and once they leave she never ends up answering your texts. She might even ignore you while you’re still around. Whatever the reason is it’s annoying and needs to be fixed. But first you’ve got to figure out why the women you want are ignoring you. You’re Not Confident While women tend to have a faster method of telling what they want, it can still be off sometimes. At first you walk up to her and lay down your finest flirtations. She’s definitely interested. But as time goes on she starts to realize that you’re all bark and no bite. Your confidence in yourself fades to the back burner as she becomes more comfortable with you. Sure, you were pumped in the beginning but maybe you screwed up a line or didn’t think you’d get this far. She can smell fear. Keep up your confidence when you’re talking to her and her attention won’t be able to roam anywhere else. If you pulled it off while you were…

Why the Nice Guy Finishes Last

This universal phrase has been said by just about any nice guy who didn’t make it with the woman he was going after. Or his parents said it to make him feel better. But no matter who says it the question remains: Is it true? Well yeah, sadly it is. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t cut your losses and ditch the nice guy act. First you’ve got to recognize the problem. What Does Being a Nice Guy Mean? Of course there are the basics of being a nice guy. You’ve got to be nice, but you’re probably also pretty agreeable as a person. “Yeah, sure we can totally do that. Whatever you want. Of course!” If you find yourself saying this sort of stuff then you probably are being too easy. You might think that you’re getting ahead by going along with anything she likes. That just makes her think that you’re boring. When she’s looking to date a guy she wants someone who is their own person. How to Fix It Now we aren’t saying that you should turn it all around and be a total dick to every women you meet. That works for some guys, but not you. First of all your nature is just…

Why She Has Such a Short Temper with You

You’ve been dating this woman for a while and everything seems to be perfect. Both of you are happy and you don’t see how this could end. Then you start noticing a disturbing trend. For some reason your girlfriend seems to really lose temper with you. When she’s around everyone else she’s so calm and collected and helps everyone with their problems. Then she comes home to you to find out you didn’t make the dinner that she had frozen the night before. Suddenly you’re the worst boyfriend ever and she wants you to sleep on the couch. What gives? You’re in the Line of Fire When she does end up seeing you, you are just the last straw among many things she’s had to deal with. Remember how she is so nice to everyone and is the friend that solves problems? Yeah, well, that gets really tiring. Unfortunately and unfairly you’re just in the line of fire. You could be anyone, but the fact that you’re who she comes home to means that you’re the last person she can get angry at, and she knows that. That’s why she unloads on you and doesn’t seem to be able to put up with your imaginary bullshit. You’re Her Boyfriend Yeah,…

Why Pets Are a Bad Gift for Your Hookup

It really shouldn’t be rocket science: pets are an awful idea for your hookup, and no, it doesn’t matter how much she oohs and awws at the cute puppy in the window. Getting her a pet as a gift is one of the worst things you can do, and there are a ton of reasons for that. In general, you really just need to stay away from the idea. It’s not going to get you laid any faster, and if anything, it might put her off of the entire hookup relationship with her in general. She Doesn’t Really Want It It doesn’t matter how much she’s cooing at it right now–she doesn’t really want it. Women are going to constantly make googly eyes at cute animals, and that’s nothing new. Even if she’s constantly talking about getting a pet snake, it’s the same thing: she really doesn’t want the thing. She just likes the idea of it right then, and she’s trying to test your boundaries to see how much you’ll actually end up getting her as a present. Thing is, pets require a lot of planning. If she’s going to be a responsible pet owner, she’s not going to go and ask her hookup date for a pet right…

Why Getting Your Clothes Tailored Will Increase Your Appeal

Appearance is always important when it comes to meeting girls and hooking up. Unfortunately for the guys that aren’t very fashionable. Clothing is a big part of it. However, it isn’t just about what kind of clothes you wear and how you wear them. It’s also about how the clothes you choose actually fit you – and women actually notice this quite a lot. You may think you know your sizing, but sometimes clothes don’t fit the way they should, and this can have a major impact on how women perceive you and how much they are attracted to you. Knowing why you should get your clothes tailored to fit you and what benefit it has will help you out with your dating life quite a bit. Mass Produced Clothes Often Don’t Fit All Guys Even if you buy clothes at a high end outlet store, the fact is that these clothes are mass produced to fit the average guy. This means that clothes don’t always fit all kinds of guys, especially if you have a body that falls outside of what is considered average. This means that even if your arms a bit longer or shorter than average, the clothes you buy at a mass retailer are not going…

Why Coming Across as a Sensitive Guy Will Get You More Girls

When starting your search for a woman to date or hook up with, you’ve probably heard plenty of advice about how nice guys finish last and that girls love a bad boy. This is sometimes true, but more often than not you can get more with honey than with vinegar. In other words, acting like a sensitive guy instead of a total jerk can actually get you more women. Not only will more women be attracted to you if you act like a sensitive guy, it’s also usually a much easier act to put on than acting like a douche in order to get the girl. There is a good reason why girls often go for the sensitive guy. It Seems More Romantic to Them Sensitivity is a good trait to show women because it gets them in a more romantic state of mind. If you want to hook up with women, this can be a major benefit because it will attract them to you for a very specific reason. They will get the idea that you care about them as a person and really want to get to know them. While this might be true all the time, women often don’t see bad guys as wanting to genuinely know…

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