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This site is infamous for scams, and as we unfortunately found out, the reputation is well-deserved. The admins do nothing to keep out the scammers running everywhere. is a name that you hear pretty often, but we’ve never heard it in any good capacity. Sadly, that proved very true, especially during the initial stages of our Mingle2 rating when we found a ton of fakes.

This site does nothing to really keep fakes and scammers out. You’d think would at least make an attempt, but during our Mingle2 comparison, that really wasn’t the case at all.

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Three Months on What Our Test Revealed

We ended up spending a total of three months on our Mingle2 rating, and during that time, we sent out 180 e-mails to women on this site.

From those 180 e-mails, we only received a total of 24 responses. This was utterly deplorable, and really made it clear that our Mingle2 comparison meant very little. Analyzed: Why It Doesn’t Work and Your Chances of Finding a Scam

This site is full of fakes from the very beginning. They’re plastered all on the front page, and that means that you’re not going to be able to find a single real lady anywhere on here.

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That’s very obnoxious and disconcerting on a site this large. You really just can’t get real results on here, and that’s because real women don’t exist. in the News

Helping your lady to increase her sex drive is a great thing, but that won’t help on horrible sites like

The Final Say: Should You Use for Hookups?

We hated, and that’s why we’d never even begin to recommend this site to you or to anyone.

Instead, check out our number one site for online hookups, It’s fun, easy to use, and it really gets the job done.

25 Responses to “In-Depth Review – Why Is a Terrible Choice for Hookups”

  1. Don’t bother trusting review sites when they talk about They all just lie, so it’s not worth reading them. Just know that the site is a scam and you shouldn’t join under any circumstances.

  2. I don’t know why this site is so bad in comparison to the bigger ones, but their lack of a budget means that their site is that much shittier. I wouldn’t join if I were you.

  3. Arnoldo Burnett

    Just so you know, this site is a really well known scam. If you’re already a member, try to cancel it as soon as possible. If you aren’t, then don’t join this site whatever you do.

  4. Nervous Notorious

    I’m worried that isn’t legit, because the layout definitely isn’t the best. I don’t want to be nitpicky, though, so I figured I would ask you guys if anyone knows any more about it.

  5. All the sites I looked at had nothing but good things to say about this website, but my experience with it has been absolutely terrible. I don’t even know how to navigate the damn thing!

  6. If I wanted to test my patience, I’d hang out in a daycare. I can’t believe that even has members with how poorly this site is run. It’s honestly pretty damn disgraceful to me.

  7. Rating this site is easy. It gets the lowest rating possible and I don’t even take giving it a higher one into consideration. I mean, it was a horrible site, so why would I be nice?

  8. Adrian Kalp

    Review sites from 2013 are all lies, just so you know. I heard from a friend that they’re all hired out to write biased articles, so none of them should be trusted under any circumstances.

  9. Brave Maximum Squirrel

    I’m about sick of online dating, so instead I’m going to try hooking up instead. I really just want to get laid fast, and I think that might help me accomplish that little goal.

  10. Sites like this make me wish that I had never discovered online dating in the first place. I’m so dumb that I always fall for them, so I wish that they would all just go away.

  11. Review this site if you want to, but isn’t even a real site. You’d have much better luck if you actually looked at a site’s comments before you decided to join in the first place.

  12. In comparison to the other sites that I like to go on, this one is a laugh riot. You never know what you’ll find! Fake profiles, ugly housewives, this site really just has it all!

  13. Scam sites are so common these days, and frankly it makes me sick. This is one of them, and I’m telling all of you now so that you don’t make the mistake of joining like I did.

  14. I’m legit about to give up on these websites, but my friends made me promise to try before I make any final decisions. I hope that that one works out for me, because I’m done.

  15. Good luck actually getting women to notice you on this site. Either they’re fake or they’re rude, but they won’t talk to you no matter what you do, and it’s really frustrating to say the least.

  16. Test out if you want to, but it’s a scam site. You won’t get any results, but you might get a virus or two on your computer. At least, that’s what happened to me.

  17. I couldn’t decide what rating to give this site because I couldn’t give it anything lower than a zero, and it deserves something in the negatives. Ugh, I’m really pissed off about it in general.

  18. Jefferey Lucy

    I read a review from 2013 saying that this was a really great site to hook up on, so of course I joined! Now I know better, and I won’t be going on here ever again in my life.

  19. Needless Rotten Rebel

    I’m new to online dating, but I was wondering if is a good site to meet women on? I’m not interested in casual hookups, and I want a long, meaningful relationship with a beautiful woman.

  20. Sites like this are why I’m too embarrassed to admit to my friends and family that I meet women online. What if they found this site and thought that this was the kind of thing I liked?

  21. Don’t review if you value your sanity. The site is impossible to navigate, so I wouldn’t bother with it if I were you. I don’t want anyone to go on this site ever again.

  22. Comparison sites are so much better than this one, it’s honestly kind of shocking. I don’t know why I expected this one to be good, but it’s been really terrible so far. I’m not happy.

  23. Efrain Hawker

    I am so sick of joining these kinds of sites only to realize a few months down the road that they’re just scam sites. Come on, can’t a guy get a break around here from all the bullshit?

  24. For some reason doesn’t look legit to me. Am I just being pessimistic, or is this site a scam? I kind of need to know before I commit to a full membership, you know?

  25. It’s a good thing that I don’t take these kinds of sites too seriously, or else I’d be really disheartened right now with how things are going. I haven’t gotten laid at all on here!

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