Casual Hookup Basics: the Date

Setting up that first date can be a little daunting for some men out there. We know that it’s definitely a new experience, especially if you haven’t done any hooking up before.

Just relax.

First and foremost, remember that these women want a confident man to have fun with. They don’t want to be with a guy that’s nervous about every little thing, so just relax.

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One of the absolute best ways to handle those first date jitters is to talk to her extensively first. It’s one of our best UK hookup tips, frankly, and that’s because talking about the hookup in question beforehand will solve a lot of potential issues, and get rid of a lot of stress.

This includes location, of course. You don’t want to randomly decide a place to go the night of, so make sure you take the time to plan this sort of thing out, and really make it work out correctly.

The right location does make it.

You aren’t going out clubbing unless the two of you agreed on it. You aren’t going to meet up at a cafe by the park unless you agreed on that, either. This is why you need to plan.

Your plans are going to shape the night of your hookup. This is why you need to pick somewhere that you’re both going to be comfortable meeting at, or it’s just not going to happen.

During our hookup dating reviews, we found out that the more we arranged things in advance, the better. We had more success when we extensively planned things out…so just do it!

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It will set the mood of the evening.

The location of your date is going to set a lot of things up for the rest of the evening. This is why we highly recommend taking her to somewhere that you’re both happy with.

If you’re both into BDSM, go to a BDSM dungeon. If you both are partiers, then clubbing it is. If you just want a fun, casual evening, then perhaps a hotel bar will set the scene correctly.

Whatever you choose, talk about it. Plan it out, and really make it your own. This will make you relax, and have that much more fun when it comes to your hookup date.

Take it to the bedroom.

The whole point of the evening is sex. Even if the two of you have a fun time at dinner, sex is still the final point of all of this, and you both know it and are looking forward to it.

This is why your date is always going to set the tone for that. You should let her start the conversations about sex, but just know that it’s always going to end up in that direction.

Remember, the best dates are going to end up in some kind of fun, sexy way. That’s the whole point, and if you can’t make your hookups end up that way, then you probably need to find new ladies to have fun with in the future.

Just have fun.

The whole point of hooking up is to have, and that’s something else that you just can’t forget. Don’t get caught up in the little details; let it happen naturally, and you’ll really appreciate it.

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