How to Follow Up

Following up with your hookup is very important if you actually want to see her again in the future. It doesn’t matter if you used a free hookup site or a discount hookup site to find her–if she was fun, she was fun, and keeping track of her can be really beneficial.

You just have to do it right.

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The last thing that you’re going to want to be in this kind of situation is overly clingy. If you really ended up having a great time with her, that doesn’t mean you need to climb her like a tree.

If you come on too strong during this step, you’ll just end up coming off as creepy. This will ultimately make her never want to contact you again, and that’s obviously defeating the purpose.

This is why you have to be cool and confident about it. We highly recommend that you wait until at least a day or two after your hookup, and only then should you contact her.

Don’t harass her.

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After a day or two, you can send her a text or e-mail, depending on what she prefers. Give her time to respond. Tell her that you really enjoyed the time you spent together, and leave it at that.

If she doesn’t respond right away, that’s fine. There’s no reason to send her multiple messages. If she doesn’t respond after a week, you can send her another message.

If she doesn’t respond then…well, she’s obviously sending you a signal. That’s when it’s time to get back on more UK hookup sites, and find another woman. There are a million fish in the sea, after all.

If she responds, don’t be weird.

If she responds to you and is happy to be talking to you, still keep it casual and friendly. Don’t talk about sex right away. That’s just going to make you look desperate and gross.

It’s important that you don’t focus on talking about her body, or even about meeting up again at this time. You just want to check on her, and see how she’s been doing.

This kind of follow-up will make her feel comfortable and friendly with her. It will make her much more likely to actually chat with you again, and ultimately, meet up with you again.

Tell her about the fun you had.

You can tell her that you had fun, but we suggest that you don’t go into any specific details about the sex unless she starts bringing it up first. Then it’s sort of free game, and you can chat all you want.

It’s always best to let her lead this kind of dance. If she wants to talk about sex, then let her. If she doesn’t, then drop it for awhile before you bring up the idea of meeting again.

If she’s gung-ho, again, we highly recommend just going for it. She is someone that you can really write down in your little black book as a go-getter, and that’s a ton of fun.

Just roll with it.

It’s always best to roll with the punches when it comes to hookups. You never know what’s going to happen with certain women, and that’s part of the fun. Either way, just relax, have fun, and see where they take you. The right follow-up can make it happen in a better way more often than not, though!

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