Kink Hookup Basics: Profile

A lot of people really enjoy the kinky side of things. When it comes to hookups, it can be extremely rewarding to be able to find someone that’s into the same kind of kinky fun that you are.

There are sites for that.

With hookup sites in England, you’ll definitely be able to find kinky versions of them. They’re almost always clearly marked as such, and that means that it’s going to be a lot easier for you to use them.

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That being said, kinky sites are also magnets for hookup site scams–at least, more so than usual sites. This is why your profile on these kinds of sites is that much more important.

A good profile is going to really help you keep away the scammers. They’ll know that you aren’t just there to mess around, and that means that you’re going to have better results with a lot less stress.

The right site will help a lot.

This is ultimately what our hookup site ratings are for. Not only will you know which sites have hookup site coupons, but you’ll also know which sites are actually going to deliver.

With the right profile and the right site, you’re golden. Again, it’s not necessarily about being a lewd, raunchy kind of man. You need to still be classy while being blunt about your kinks, and we know that can take some practice before you get it right.

The main rule of thumb that we use is if you start talking about bodily fluids, you need to stop. Women don’t want to hear about that…at least, not until they’ve really gotten to know you.

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Be confident.

It’s important, as always, to be very confident on your profile. You need to paint yourself as adventurous–but at the same time, you can’t paint yourself as being out for a conquest.

If you paint yourself as being way too domineering–even if you’re a Dominant–women aren’t going to be interested in you. Instead, they’re just going to be threatened by you.

You need to make sure that you make it clear you’re open to other things, and that you really want to try things out. By doing so, you’re making yourself out to be a real catch.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Your profile needs to be honest. If you talk about the things that you’re into, then you can also talk about the stuff that you really aren’t interested in trying, no matter how open-minded you are.

It’s okay to dislike things. Just make sure that you’re respectful when you mention it, and tell them that it’s okay if they like those things, it’s just not something you want to do.

This will help you narrow the pool of ladies. If you don’t like a certain kink, you probably won’t ever have to deal with it if you’re honest about what you like and what you won’t like.

No matter what, just be honest. Women really do appreciate that honesty, even if it’s not always exactly what they want to hear. Trust us on this, and go forth with confidence.

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