Why Being Overly Nice to Her is Pushing Her Away

Nice guys finish last. Seriously, it’s a proven fact. You might think that women want nice guys, but you’d be wrong. All throughout history women have chosen assholes, and nobody’s sure why. What we do know is that you aren’t helping yourself by being overly nice. In fact, you’re hurting your chances. This is probably why you go home alone every night. Being nice to her seems like the right thing to do, but it tells her a few things about you that probably aren’t true. Creeper Alert Women are always afraid of men stalking them. It’s no wonder why – it’s been happening for ages. She’s right to be cautious, but sometimes women take it too far. If you’re being nice to her, then you’re putting her on the fence immediately. On the one hand she’ll like the attention. On the other she’ll be terrified that you’re secretly an axe murderer. You can’t win. If you want one way to make her and her friends walk away, it’s by being too nice. You’re Desperate Since you’re being so sweet, she probably thinks you can’t get anyone else. Desperate men will beg and bend over backward for a woman. She sees this as a submission, and most likely she won’t…

Three Things Women Love in Movies and Hate in Real Life

There are always those movies with relationships where the women just go crazy for something the guy does. Unfortunately, lots of men take clues from those characters in movies or occasionally, the actors themselves. In real life, though, those qualities are very far from what most women are looking for and any man who models his behavior accordingly is going to find himself ostracized and alone. There are lots of habits and behaviors that women don’t like, but these are probably the top three that seem to get to them the most. Possessiveness We see this all the time in movies, and women seem to love it until it happens in real life. This is one of the things that most women say annoys them most about a man they have a purely casual relationship with. If you and your lady just have a casual relationship, you’re probably only seeing each other once a week, maybe twice. She doesn’t want you to act like it’s a serious relationship, so there’s no need to get jealous and possessive when other men stare at her. Possessiveness turns a woman off because she feels like she can’t make decisions without angering you and she’ll start to feel suffocated. She’s with you to have…

Setting Boundaries for Your New Relationship

When you meet a woman who really makes you feel something it’s hard to put the brakes on when you need to. She’s wonderful, you have awesome sex, and she is the perfect girlfriend. As guys we don’t often get a chance to talk about our feelings or even show that we have any besides moderately happy, bored, and pissed. But when you’re taking advantage of the one time you get to be stoked about being with another person you might go a little too far. New couples are notoriously fast moving and you’ve got to be ready to set boundaries before you get in too deep. Be Direct When you are feeling out the boundaries for your relationship the best way to do it is to just be direct. Tell her that you don’t want her to hang out with guys alone, even if they’re already her friends. It might sound really unforgiving, but saying what you’re thinking is way better than beating around the bush. Direct conversation leaves no error on anyone’s part (“I didn’t know THAT’S what you meant”). Plus it will end up strengthening your communication. Put Yourself First Even though you’re in a relationship it’s not up to you to completely take care of the…

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