The Advantages of Taking Her Back to Your Place for a Fling

One of the most well known rules of hooking up is that you’re supposed to go to her place. That way if things get awkward you can bail out without making it even worst. That’s entirely true, but there’s something to be said about bringing a woman home to get it on. With the con of not being able to run away come tons of pros that you just can’t get when you go over to her place. You Control the Setting Knowing that you’re going to try and get a woman home gives you the advantage of getting everything ready the way you want it. Clean up your place before hand, set out some random candles, and make sure your bed is made. She’ll love the effort that you put in and won’t even think about the fact that you weren’t sure who was going home with you that night. Besides just getting the space ready you also get to avoid a potential disaster at her place. The rumor that women are cleaner than men isn’t all true. Sometimes they have messy houses or weird roommates that will make the night less than sexy. You Don’t Have to Leave The same disadvantage that people think of for having a…

Steamy Ideas For Touching Each Other In Public

If you’re feeling like a bit of an exhibitionist these days then maybe its time to take some calculated public risks. Make sure you lady is also in the mood or you may draw unwanted attention to yourself, but once you’ve found a partner in crime you’re ready to go~! Here are some ideas that are sure to thrill her, but be sure to use your best judgment to keep yourselves out of too much trouble! Dancing the Night Away If she likes to dance and you can stand the idea of an evening on your feet, then be sure to hit a busy club. The key to getting kinky in a public space is to make sure that there’s enough going on around you to serve as a distraction for what you’re really after. At a crowded club everyone is too busy getting hammered and grinding against other patrons to pay too much attention to your grinding. It’s always recommended to have a few drinks of your own to really let out all your inhibitions! As you get closer to your sexy lady, pull her close enough with one arm that no one can see what your doing with the other. It helps if she’s wearing a skirt and…

How to Boost Your Confidence Before You Go Out

Insecurity isn’t just for women. Lots of men suffer from it too, especially if you’re in a big city with a lot of competition between men for not as many women. If you’ve been having some trouble keeping your confidence up and have caught yourself not wanting to persevere when you just aren’t meeting women as fast as you want to be, you’re not alone. Other men have issues with it, too, and the key lies in boosting your confidence. Don’t go too far and become arrogant – nothing will turn a woman off more than that. Nothing is more attractive to a woman than confidence, so make sure you have lots of it if you want to get laid. Your self confidence will make her confident in her decision to go home with you. Look in the Mirror Don’t let yourself get caught up in the belief that checking your appearance in front of the mirror is only for women. Men are just as guilty of admiring themselves in the mirror and there’s no shame in it. If you’re getting ready to go out and try to impress women whether you’ve met one already or are going out for the purpose of meeting one, stop and take a look…

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Hookup Dating Site Reviews

#1 Hookup Site: FuckBookNet
#2 Hookup Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Hookup Site: EroticAds
#4 Hookup Site: SocialSex
#5 Hookup Site: SexFinder


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