Why Your Location is Making It Difficult for You to Date

Sometimes it really doesn’t matter what you do when you’re trying to get a date. You can be charming, funny, and smart but you still can’t get a bite in the dating world. You wonder what’s wrong with you, start drinking, and end up in a sad basement. Stand up, brush off your jacket, and throw the bottle away. The truth is that it might not be your fault. We don’t know you personally, but if you aren’t a complete asshole and still can’t seem to get a lady you may be suffering from location. Location happens to all of us. We end up in a place full of eligible women but can’t seem to land any of them. The answer as to why might surprise you. Your Town is Too Small When you live in one of the smaller towns of the country it’s likely that you feel like you know everyone. It doesn’t matter how many people you actually see often, they tend to know someone who knows someone and then the dating pool gets all tangled. Small towns are like inbred gene pools. Everyone seems to be on rotation and we all end up dating the same people. If you’ve already gone through that line-up then you’re…

Short End of the Stick: Is Your Height Holding You Back?

We obviously aren’t all built the same. Some guys have all the muscles while others were collecting the beer gut. Lucky men get big dicks, unlucky ones go bald in a weird way, and we all grow differently. Being a short guy sucks. There’s not really a lot of positive things associated with it. Yeah, some women might say that you’re cute because you’re pocket sized or whatever, but there’s no bonus. When we go out to get at all of the sexy women out there we’re often judged on our size. They might not realize that they’re being rude to us, but women tend to like the taller guys. It’s time to ask yourself: Is your height holding you back? What’s the Deal? Unfortunately women don’t find that short men look as powerful as tall men. It’s even worse if you’re smiling or happy. Besides that your short stature tells her that in the gene pool you rank pretty low for the ability to protect her. It’s not fair, but it’s hardwired into her brain. Even besides the idea that tall guys are more dominant or assertive; another idea is hardwired in her head. Society as a whole set up short men to fail. All of the movies and…

Experimentation – How To Suggest and Implement

You’re getting bored in your sex life, but you can’t exactly come out and say that to your girlfriend without hurting her feelings, which will result in a lot less sex. It’s time to spice things up a bit without making anyone feel at fault, but how do you approach the topic of trying new things? You don’t want to make her think you’re creepy or desperate. It’s just that you’ve hit a rut in your relationship and it’s time to inspire some passion again! It’s time to get creative and see how you can create sparks with your sexy lady again tonight! Brainstorming It’s best to get a bunch of ideas before you approach the conversation with your partner. Would a simple change of position be all it takes? Do you want more foreplay? More pillow talk? Is it time to try toys or buy new toys? Do you want to try having sex in more interesting locations? Private places or public ones? Do you want to watch porn while you have sex? Do you want to try watching each other masturbate or perform a 69 position? Do you want to include more people in your sex life? It’s best to have a few options you can work between…

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