Why You Should Let Her Stay the Night

When casual hookups are your thing there’s a stigma attached to letting a woman stay the night. Sometimes it feels like there’s an unspoken set of commandments about these things, like you’re supposed to lie to your friends about who she is if they happen to come over and she’s still there. That’s an outdated idea, and there’s no reason you can’t let her stay the night. No woman is going to think favorably on a man who tells her to get out as soon as they’re done having sex. It makes you look insensitive and above all else, selfish. If you only care about it once you’ve gotten off, then women are probably going to start viewing you as someone who isn’t worth hooking up with. Go ahead, break tradition. Even if you’re only in it for the casual sex, letting her stay the night and sleep in your bed doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a relationship. Let her stay the night and you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. A Nice Addition to Your Morning Routine What could be better than waking up next to a beautiful woman? Okay, skip the romantics that you see in movies where you wake up and the sunlight is streaming through the…

Why Pets Are a Bad Gift for Your Hookup

It really shouldn’t be rocket science: pets are an awful idea for your hookup, and no, it doesn’t matter how much she oohs and awws at the cute puppy in the window. Getting her a pet as a gift is one of the worst things you can do, and there are a ton of reasons for that. In general, you really just need to stay away from the idea. It’s not going to get you laid any faster, and if anything, it might put her off of the entire hookup relationship with her in general. She Doesn’t Really Want It It doesn’t matter how much she’s cooing at it right now–she doesn’t really want it. Women are going to constantly make googly eyes at cute animals, and that’s nothing new. Even if she’s constantly talking about getting a pet snake, it’s the same thing: she really doesn’t want the thing. She just likes the idea of it right then, and she’s trying to test your boundaries to see how much you’ll actually end up getting her as a present. Thing is, pets require a lot of planning. If she’s going to be a responsible pet owner, she’s not going to go and ask her hookup date for a pet right…

Intensity: How Much Is Too Much

It’s a fine line to walk between intensity and persistence and coming on too strong. When you’re excited about hooking up with a gorgeous woman it’s easy to be too pushy and end up pushing her away. That’s a little counterproductive to your efforts, so don’t catch yourself doing that. The last thing you want to do is get a reputation around the town you’re looking for hookups in as a creepy guy who doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. There’s no coming back from a reputation like that and we’ve seen too many guys ruined and ostracized for it, so trust us when we say that you don’t want to let it happen to you. Intensity is a good thing to have when you’re trying to hook up because it shows that you have some real passion, but how do you know when you’re being too intense? Watch Her Clues Body language is everything with women. You know how they can be, right? Half the time she’d sooner keep talking to a guy she isn’t interested in than say anything to him. If she’s sending off clues like crossing her arms in front of her chest or turning the center of her body away from you,…

Expanding Your Knowledge of Rope Play

If you’re looking to add something exciting to your sex life, why not consider the art of rope play? It can add tons of intimacy and excitement to your sex life today! You can choose to start small with some rope wrist bindings or go full throttle and quarter tie her to the bed. Whatever you choose rope play can be catered to your specific bedroom desires and levels of experience. Why Rope Play? Rope play helps dictate much more defined roles in the bedroom. One person is very much in charge while the other is at their complete mercy. It can be a heady sensation to give up all control over yourself and your ability to move. Many people find that this heightens their sexual desire. If you or your lady is unsure about being fully restrained, it might be best to start small with a simple wrist binding and work your way up from there. See if you both like it and would consider going further. It’s the beginning of a much more dominant and submissive style of relating to one another in the bedroom. You and your partner may decide you like it better one way than another between the two of you, or that you like…

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