Why You Shouldn’t Beat Around the Bush in Bed

Women are so complicated and so picky that it’s hard to know exactly what they like. With all the unspoken clues women are so fond of giving, it’s hard to tell what she likes sometimes. Many men never sit back and stop to consider that maybe the exact same way you’re feeling about women is how they feel about you, too. Lots of men are so worried about pushing women away or scaring them off that even if they like something or want to try something new, they won’t mention it. If you have a steady casual fling going, letting her know what you do and don’t like is the only way you’re going to keep the fun in your relationship. Better Communication = Better Sex It’s no secret that the better you communicate with your lady the better your sex is going to be. If you know what she likes, that’s great but what’s really going to make or break the relationship is whether or not she knows what you like, too. Most men will say they just like sex and that they’re not into anything in particular, but we know that every man has at least one thing that he really likes, or one thing he really wants…

Why You Should Let Her Stay the Night

When casual hookups are your thing there’s a stigma attached to letting a woman stay the night. Sometimes it feels like there’s an unspoken set of commandments about these things, like you’re supposed to lie to your friends about who she is if they happen to come over and she’s still there. That’s an outdated idea, and there’s no reason you can’t let her stay the night. No woman is going to think favorably on a man who tells her to get out as soon as they’re done having sex. It makes you look insensitive and above all else, selfish. If you only care about it once you’ve gotten off, then women are probably going to start viewing you as someone who isn’t worth hooking up with. Go ahead, break tradition. Even if you’re only in it for the casual sex, letting her stay the night and sleep in your bed doesn’t automatically mean you’re in a relationship. Let her stay the night and you’ll be pretty pleased with the results. A Nice Addition to Your Morning Routine What could be better than waking up next to a beautiful woman? Okay, skip the romantics that you see in movies where you wake up and the sunlight is streaming through the…

What Your Muscles Are Telling Her

You work hard on your body. That’s the first thing that woman will notice when she sees you. Your face, your core, and your limbs are silent cues that tell a woman what she wants to know about you. Depending on how you build yourself you’re going to send her different messages. You may not even realize that your extreme gym routine (or lack of one) affects your chances of getting in her pants before you even get to talk to her. While all bodies are different, these three most common physiques can say a lot. Skinny Some guys are naturally skinny, that’s fine. But we all have room to add some sort of muscle onto our frame. If you choose not to take that route and rock the naturally shrunken look you’re shouting out loud that you’re not manly. It’s so terrible to hear it put that way but women can be ruthless. A skinny man cannot protect his woman. She won’t feel safe with you and might even be embarrassed if her friends comment on your body. There are some women who are totally into the thin, wiry look and it’s going to be up to you to find them. There’s nothing wrong with this look, just don’t…

Using Photos and Video to Increase Intimacy

In our technological age it is not uncommon to have relationships via the Internet and other electronic means. Whether you’re relationship is conducted entirely online or only partially, photos and video are a great way to stay in touch and keep your romance hot no matter where you are on the globe. Sexy Selfies It’s key to know how to take a hot photo of yourself, the kind you’re only going to send to your lady. You can practice in the mirror and with the angle of your camera as you familiarize yourself with your best angles. Most phones already have a camera built in so it’s easy to preview your pic onscreen as you’re taking it. Surprise her with a shirtless pic over her lunch hour or go for the full reveal that cuts off just so at the waistline as a teaser for your upcoming Skype chat. It’s not bad if you’re taking the pic in your bed with some rumpled sheets, but make sure to put away the smelly gym socks before you try to get sexy. Giving More to Get More Even if you’re ready to just whip it all out and send her a pic, take it slow and tease her especially if you want…

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