What Your Muscles Are Telling Her

You work hard on your body. That’s the first thing that woman will notice when she sees you. Your face, your core, and your limbs are silent cues that tell a woman what she wants to know about you. Depending on how you build yourself you’re going to send her different messages. You may not even realize that your extreme gym routine (or lack of one) affects your chances of getting in her pants before you even get to talk to her. While all bodies are different, these three most common physiques can say a lot. Skinny Some guys are naturally skinny, that’s fine. But we all have room to add some sort of muscle onto our frame. If you choose not to take that route and rock the naturally shrunken look you’re shouting out loud that you’re not manly. It’s so terrible to hear it put that way but women can be ruthless. A skinny man cannot protect his woman. She won’t feel safe with you and might even be embarrassed if her friends comment on your body. There are some women who are totally into the thin, wiry look and it’s going to be up to you to find them. There’s nothing wrong with this look, just don’t…

Ways to Make Sure You Are Always Prepared for a One Night Stand

After meeting women in bars and searching for women to hook up with online, you might have realized that sometimes you can’t predict what will happen. If you go to a bar expecting not to take anyone home that night, you might wind up being unprepared for your one night stand. You never want to be caught unprepared for a hookup, because not only can it ruin the night, it might also ruin your chances for a second fling – especially if you’re meeting up with a woman you met online. Making sure that you are always prepared for a one night stand is extremely important. Make Sure Your Place is Always Tidy This can be a pain to achieve, but having a tidy house is important when it comes to hooking up. If you take a girl into your house or apartment and it looks like a real bachelor’s pad, she may try to back out and ruin your hookup. Plus, a messy house could very well wind up being a hazard if you stumble into your place when you’re tipsy and wind up tripping on something. Not only will having a clean house help you when you hook up with women, but it will also make your life…

Kinky Sex Tips You Should Avoid Trying

If you’ve ever picked up a copy of one of the women’s magazines that focus on sex and relationships, you’ve probably seen it: the bad sex tips. Women’s magazines tend to be full of absolutely horrible sex tips, and the worst part is that some women actually read them and think that they’re a great idea. This isn’t exclusive to just women, however. Guys read plenty of sex tips that seem like an awesome idea, but trust us – some things just don’t need be tried out. Knowing what kind of sex tips you really shouldn’t even try will allow you to make your sex life better just by avoiding what should never be attempted in the bedroom. Pretty Much Anything That Involves Food Sometimes involving edible items in your sex life can be a great thing, but you probably already know all of the basics. The basics are basic, but they are also classic, and for a reason. Whipped cream and chocolate sauce might seem boring to you, but there’s a very good reason they are the most popular food items to use in sex. Sticking a doughnut or a pineapple ring on your penis is not sexy and it really is just not a good idea at all.…

Top Sites for Hooking Up Online

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Hookup Dating Site Reviews

#1 Hookup Site: FuckBookNet
#2 Hookup Site: EstablishedMen
#3 Hookup Site: EroticAds
#4 Hookup Site: SocialSex
#5 Hookup Site: SexFinder


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