Why You Shouldn’t Beat Around the Bush in Bed

Women are so complicated and so picky that it’s hard to know exactly what they like. With all the unspoken clues women are so fond of giving, it’s hard to tell what she likes sometimes. Many men never sit back and stop to consider that maybe the exact same way you’re feeling about women is how they feel about you, too. Lots of men are so worried about pushing women away or scaring them off that even if they like something or want to try something new, they won’t mention it. If you have a steady casual fling going, letting her know what you do and don’t like is the only way you’re going to keep the fun in your relationship. Better Communication = Better Sex It’s no secret that the better you communicate with your lady the better your sex is going to be. If you know what she likes, that’s great but what’s really going to make or break the relationship is whether or not she knows what you like, too. Most men will say they just like sex and that they’re not into anything in particular, but we know that every man has at least one thing that he really likes, or one thing he really wants…

Reigning in Your Ego to Be More Appealing to Women

Some guys just have a huge ego. They think that they’re the best thing since sliced bread and really don’t care if others don’t agree. To some level we all deal with this. If you’re one of the guys whose ego gets in your way when it comes to women all hope is not lost. After you recognize that you’ve got a problem you can start fixing it with these three strategies to rein your ego in. Keep Your Mouth Shut The biggest giveaway of a large ego is the fact that you have to be right. When someone says something that you might not agree with you’re quick to have a comeback. This is even worse when they’re saying something about you. Then you make everyone feel awkward. As hard as it might be not to have a sassy comeback and have the last word you’ve got to keep quiet. It shows a self control and self respect that cocky people just don’t have. The more you keep your words to yourself the easier it ends up getting in the long run. You just have to practice. Stop the Comparisons Unfortunately the root of all egos comes from comparing ourselves to others. You might be looking at your flaws…

Getting Her Away From Her Friends

Girls always travel in packs. It’s annoying, but that’s just how it is. The good news is that you can separate the girl you want to pick up from her friends. It doesn’t take much effort, and it can really increase your chances of taking her home with you. A girl’s friends are your main cock block?, so get rid of them right off the bat. It’ll save you some hassle and will get her in your arms quicker. If you have trouble with it, don’t worry about it. Just up your game by doing a few things differently. Be Casual She doesn’t want to go home with a creepy guy, so your goal is to not be a creepy guy. Take it easy. You might want her in your lap right off the bat, but go slow. If she thinks that you don’t care whether she stays or goes, then she’s going to stay. It becomes a competition. She has to win your affection, so she won’t be going anywhere. Make her feel like you could have any woman. She’s going to work hard to be the woman you take home. Buy Her a Drink The best way to convince her to do something is to get her drunk.…

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