Why Getting Your Clothes Tailored Will Increase Your Appeal

Appearance is always important when it comes to meeting girls and hooking up. Unfortunately for the guys that aren’t very fashionable. Clothing is a big part of it. However, it isn’t just about what kind of clothes you wear and how you wear them. It’s also about how the clothes you choose actually fit you – and women actually notice this quite a lot. You may think you know your sizing, but sometimes clothes don’t fit the way they should, and this can have a major impact on how women perceive you and how much they are attracted to you. Knowing why you should get your clothes tailored to fit you and what benefit it has will help you out with your dating life quite a bit. Mass Produced Clothes Often Don’t Fit All Guys Even if you buy clothes at a high end outlet store, the fact is that these clothes are mass produced to fit the average guy. This means that clothes don’t always fit all kinds of guys, especially if you have a body that falls outside of what is considered average. This means that even if your arms a bit longer or shorter than average, the clothes you buy at a mass retailer are not going…

How to Use Your Height and Size to Your Advantage When Hooking Up

Women are most often attracted to guys that are taller than them, so if you’re of a taller stature then you may be in luck with a lot of women. However, some tall guys don’t know how to use their height to their advantage, or you may feel like you’re not going to fit the bill because of how big you are. Knowing how to use your height and weight to your advantage when you start hooking up with women regularly is a good way to make sure that you can get the most benefit out of your physical attributes. Women won’t go for a tall guy if he lumbers around and looks awkward, so it’s important to know how to work your height to your advantage. Make Sure to Keep Good Posture One of the biggest aspects that will contribute to being able to use your stature to your advantage is how you use it. If you are in the habit of slouching because you think you’re too tall, you have to correct it as quickly as you can. You might think that women don’t want to have to look up at you because you’re so tall, but the truth is that most women are used to having to…

Expanding Your Knowledge of Rope Play

If you’re looking to add something exciting to your sex life, why not consider the art of rope play? It can add tons of intimacy and excitement to your sex life today! You can choose to start small with some rope wrist bindings or go full throttle and quarter tie her to the bed. Whatever you choose rope play can be catered to your specific bedroom desires and levels of experience. Why Rope Play? Rope play helps dictate much more defined roles in the bedroom. One person is very much in charge while the other is at their complete mercy. It can be a heady sensation to give up all control over yourself and your ability to move. Many people find that this heightens their sexual desire. If you or your lady is unsure about being fully restrained, it might be best to start small with a simple wrist binding and work your way up from there. See if you both like it and would consider going further. It’s the beginning of a much more dominant and submissive style of relating to one another in the bedroom. You and your partner may decide you like it better one way than another between the two of you, or that you like…

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