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This site is plastered with boobs, butts, and fake porn star pictures, meaning that no woman is ever going to join. Well, except all the cam girls and escorts here. immediately falls prey to the fact that it caters only to men. This was very clear during our LetsBang rating, and it didn’t get better as our LetsBang comparison continued. just doesn’t try. It’s all about boobs, butts, and fake porn star pictures everywhere. That means that ultimately, this site is never going to help you attract the ladies.

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Three Months on What Our Test Revealed

We ended up spending three months on our LetsBang rating, and during that time, we sent out 180 e-mails to women on this site.

From those 180 e-mails, we only received a total of 43 responses. Not a single lady wanted to meet up with us or hookup with us, which means our LetsBang comparison was all a waste. Analyzed: Why It Doesn’t Work and Your Chances of Finding a Scam

This site is crawling with cam girls and escorts. They aren’t going to sleep with you…except the latter will. For money, of course.

That isn’t what you want, obviously. You don’t want to even talk to these women, because they ultimately just want your cash, not sex.

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Here are some hookup dating sites that really will get you places, unlike this site. in the News

If your lady is into you crossdressing, this article can really help you out, though it won’t make a difference on

The Final Say: Should You Use for Hookups?

There’s nothing good about, and that’s why you just need to skip it. We would never recommend it.

Instead, check out our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and the results really prove it.

25 Responses to “In-Depth Review – Why Is a Terrible Choice for Hookups”

  1. I would totally review for my website if I felt like it was a legit site, but I can say with the utmost confidence that it’s just a fake. Don’t even bother signing up.

  2. I’m honestly kind of amused at how bad this site is in comparison to the other ones I was researching. I wish I could say that they had at least made an attempt, but they didn’t.

  3. Francisco Buck

    I don’t know how there was ever a time where I believed that this site wasn’t a scam. It’s a load of crap and all the women on here are either fake or married and old.

  4. Rolling Yak

    This site doesn’t look legit, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. I guess you shouldn’t judge a book by its name, either, or else I’d be steering clear of a site named

  5. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t invested in actually getting laid on here, or else I’d be pretty pissed right about now. Tell me again why I even bother with these kinds of sites?

  6. Test out at your own risk! My friend had his identity stolen on here, and I heard that the site in general just isn’t very secure. I’d be very cautious if I were you.

  7. I can’t give this site a low enough rating! I’ve never dealt with such a waste of time, and I’m sick and tired of dealing with its crap! I’ve cancelled my membership and I won’t be back.

  8. Phillip Sloan

    All the review sites that I saw from 2013 can’t stop talking about how good this site is, but so far it seems pretty crappy to me. Maybe other people just have lower standards, who knows.

  9. Forgotten Grim Froglet

    I thought that I was done with online dating, but I heard about and now I have to see what it’s all about. Does anyone have any experience with this site that they could share?

  10. I don’t know why I bother with sites like this in the first place. I’ve never seen one that wasn’t a scam, so frankly I don’t know why I’m even surprised at all at this point.

  11. One review that I read said that this site has actually been called out multiple times for being a scam. is known for leaking their users’ pictures, too, so I would watch out for that.

  12. All the comparison sites are better than this one, so I’m going to go with one of those instead. It’s pretty damn sad when I have to turn away from a site promising me fast sex.

  13. I heard that this site was a scam before I joined, but I just had to be an idiot and join anyway. I have a rebellious nature, and now I’m definitely paying for it this time.

  14. Misty Koala

    I wish that I could know for sure if this site is legit before I join, because with a name like it seems almost too good to be true. Does anyone know for sure?

  15. All my friends told me that this site was good, but they must have just been joking because this site is a joke. There’s no way it’s even real and I don’t want to waste my time on it.

  16. was nothing but a test of my patience, and I am NOT going to be back. I don’t know what possessed me to join in the first place, but I learn from my mistakes.

  17. I’m not going to give this site any rating at all until negative rankings are an option. That’s all it deserves, to be honest. This site ruined my life and now I’m going to ruin this site.

  18. I trusted this one review site from 2013 when it said that this site was good, but now I know better and I’ve been informed that said review site is incredibly biased and can’t be trusted.

  19. Rare Liquid Iron

    I’m totally new to online dating, so I’m starting small instead of going for one of the big sites. I’m signing up for and a few others just to see which ones are best.

  20. For some reason sites like this keep bringing me in. I hate them, but I always fall for them and I’m sick of it. I’m done being so gullible – it’s time to take action and not be fooled.

  21. I wanted to review and find out that it was legit because everyone had told me that it was fake, but I guess everybody was right because I couldn’t meet a single woman on here.

  22. In comparison to my favorite hookup sites, this one is just sad. The layout is terrible and I don’t think that they even have an actual female members at all. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

  23. Jessie Blatenberger

    It’s a scam!! Be on the lookout for this site, because it looks legit but is actually a scam! You won’t meet women, but you’ll probably get your identity stolen! If you see this site, do not join!

  24. Wild Plutonium

    I’m almost positive that this site is legit, so now all that’s left is just to join. sounds really promising, so I’d better meet a lot of women on here, and fast. I’m impatient!

  25. Good god, this site doesn’t even try to look convincing. The best part is that people sign up without looking up reviews, so they’re able to stay afloat even though the site is a fake.

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